Bassinet + Sleeping bag + Spare + Bassinet sheets

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JADE Pack: Bassinet + Sleeping bag + Spare + Bassinet sheets

In this JADE pack we include 4 essential products for the arrival of your baby

Full Moses:  Garments (Moses cover + Bottom sheet + Muslin + 2 side pockets + 2 decorative cushions + 1 chick) + rocking legs (see moises JADE)

Sleeping bag: So that it stays warm all night without uncovering and you can catch it without waking up. OLAF model in white chiffon for this pack (see TOTORO sleeping bag)

refill: So you have a remove and put. We have chosen in this pack the TOTORO spare part in gray canvas (see REPLACEMENT TOTORO)

Vichy Grey Sheets: Including top and bottom sheet in 100% white vichy cotton. (see Vichy GRAY sheets)

Mattress: We have available 2 mattresses made exclusively for the brand Standard: Anti-suffocation, Eliocel and 3D mesh padded cover. Measures 79x38x6 cm (included in the RRP). Premium: Prevents Plagicephaly, Anti-drowning. Made of Eliocel, viscoelastic and 3D mesh cover and bamboo stretch fabric 79x38x5cm (extra cost +50€)


You get everything you see in the photo. If you want more details, click on each link to see each product included in the pack separately.



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