WHITE GAUZE Baby Bassinet

He White Chiffon bassinet It arrives at home just as you see it in the photo, with all its accessories and ready to release it. Includes mattress. It is the classic version of the Olaf bassinet – made with white chiffon 100%

Combine it with the Olaf sleeping bag

Use: It is advisable to move the baby to the crib when it begins to sit up. Maximum weight baby 9/13 kg. Approximate manufacturing and delivery time: 15 days. Skip the lines with express delivery (+25€)



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What comes home:

Natural palm bassinet with support rocker wood and cotton textile 100%

  • Textile of this model of WHITE GAUZE: Cubremoises, Pillow, Bedspread, 2 clouds, 1 little bird, 2 side pockets, 1 bottom sheet.
  • Rocker Support: Made of wood exclusively for Cucos Baby. Exclusive use as basket support. Not sold separately. Complies with BE EN1466:2014. Measures 71-86 x 35-41 cm adjustable to the basket
  • Basket case: Palm made by hand in Morocco. Measures 85-87 x44-49 x 25-28 cm being handmade 100% may differ and each one may be slightly different from another.
  • Mattress:Standard. Made to measure for Cucos Baby. (Composed of Eliocel 20-25 kg/m³ density + 3D mesh) Measures79x38x4 cm

Why choose our bassinet

We are specialists in baby bassinets and not only manufacture and sell directly but also distribute to stores and online platforms around the world.The Moses is sold complete with all its parts. It is not sold partially or separately.

You will like to know…

  • The basket is removable and approved by the EU.1466:2015. AIJU Institute. With all phytosanitary guarantees.
  • The bassinet with stand has the ideal height of 62 cm to have it next to the bed and the sofa to keep an eye on your baby at all times.
  • ROCKING SUPPORT: made of pine wood, it is light and provides a smooth rocking, as well as easy transport throughout the house. In the new version we have incorporated a brake.
  • We recommend that when the baby is small you lay him down in the center of the bassinet and as he grows you put the brakes on, so there will be no inclination for the rocker.

How to assemble the Rocker legs

Our supports come with simple instructions and we have also created some videos to help you assemble the legs and the clothes so that they fit as in the photo.

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It is recommended to store the bassinet in a cool and dry place, without weight on top of the basket as it can deform, it is a natural product and it can deteriorate in bad humidity, heat and storage conditions.

Wash with short and delicate program. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Not direct iron. 

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