Frequent questions

The life of a bassinet depends on several factors, such as the quality of the materials used in its manufacture, the frequency and use that it is given, as well as the weight and activity of the baby.

In general, bassinets are designed to be used from birth to 4-6 months, when the baby begins to move and roll. The weight of the baby is up to 9/13 kg.

And if it's a bassinet, is it bigger?

Some models can last up to 8 months

It is important for parents to watch for signs that the baby is no longer comfortable in the bassinet, such as moving around a lot, not sleeping well, or trying to get out of the bassinet. It is important to note that the baby's safety comes first, and if there are any signs that the bassinet is no longer suitable, it is best to move the baby to a crib.


The bassinets have a use limited to the size of the baby. These are your measurements. 

  • Rocker Support: Made of wood exclusively for Cucos Baby. Exclusive use as basket support. Not sold separately. Complies with BE EN1466:2014. Measures 71-86 x 35-41 cm adjustable to the basket
  • Basket case: Palm made by hand in Morocco. Measures 85-87 x44-49 x 25-28 cm Being stocked 100% may differ and each one may be slightly different from another.
  • Mattress:Standard. Tailor-made for Cucos Baby. Measures79x38x4 cm


Yes, so you can carry around the house. They are very light and easy to carry with the baby inside. You can place the basket on another safe and firm surface without danger to the baby.

In the washing machine it is recommended to use short and delicate program. They have wadding inside so it will take a while to dry.

CAN'T CAN use dryer.

Iron only with steam, Do not directly iron the surface of the bassinet fabric.

cucosbaby information Here you can see how you should care for your bassinet

Keep the basket in a cool and dry place, and protect it from humidity and direct light for better conservation. Ideally, you should protect it with a sheet since it is a living tissue and it breathes. Once you no longer use the wooden legs, disassemble them for better conservation. 

It is not necessary, but they are accessories that you will probably miss if you do not have them. The sheets for the warm season are very good and if it is cool we recommend 100% the sleeping bags.

At Cucosbaby we work with a set of indivisible products. The clouds, stars and mountains that go in each set are not sold separately, at the moment...

You can request a quote by sending us a photo of your bassinet and saying which model you would like to make so we can help you quickly

Without the photo we will not be able to assess your bassinet and know if our clothes fit.

Your bassinet comes home in several pieces. On the one hand you have the textile pdf assembly bassinet, the basket, the mattress and the legs that arrive in a box  with very simple instructions. Watch the youtube video how to assemble the bassinet

Only the scissor legs of the cuckoos are foldable 

The rocker legs do not fold but disassembled they take up very little space (Box of 90*4*15 cm)

The bassinets come in an indivisible set described in each product on the web

The bassinet or mini-cradle sheets can be purchased separately. We only include one fitted sheet.


Bassinet covers, quilt, pillow, cloud cushions, star cushions, mountain cushion, and protector are complete pieces that do not have removable covers.

The piece that wears the most is the bottom sheet, it is always advisable to have an extra set of bottom sheets on hand because it is what the baby stains the most.

Each sheet set includes flat and fitted

Our sheets are made in cotton 100% with basic colors that match our designs.

No, only ready-made product.

No, what is possible is to request a budget for a CUSTOM PACK with several products for the birth list 


  • Our web

We have created the website to make it more comfortable and easy for you to choose your bassinet and get the news for stores and individuals

The model you choose will arrive at your home as is the photograph and the description of the article.

We only allow changes in the colors of one of the accessories (cloud, star or mountain) and you will have to indicate it to us in the comment when you place your order.

If you want to modify more things we will consider it Custom with an extra cost of +50€

At Cucosbaby we make the products with 100% cotton and 100% Organic cotton fabrics


All our articles are approved by the EU

The shades may vary slightly but a small margin of difference between the screen and the product must be accepted.

We ship to ALL THE PLANET.

The price of each product includes shipping included for Europe and the rest of the world.

If the shipment is for several items, we manage each particular case to find the best solution.

Yes, we embroider your name on the bassinet, spare parts and clothing (cloud) and on the sheets as well. You have this option when choosing your favorite bassinet.