Crib packs to match your exclusive bassinet

Since you are going to have a special and exclusive bassinet, why not also the crib linen?

We want to stay with you longer and so we offer you the complete pack, to have the most special room on the planet for your future baby.


Your bassinet:Pistachio Clouds

We combine it with White, we add a little bird and we put the clouds in white and gray

Pistachio Clouds
Pistachio Clouds


This fabric is organic, printed in the USA and designed by the American Andrea Lauren

To design the crib linen we are guided by the bassinet and we combine it with white and grey... unisex and current due to its Pistachio Mentha color... (it is even prettier in nature)


Now we make you a design proposal for crib bedding in a pack: Duvet cover + protector + pillow + pongotodo pocket + 2 cushions

Result: We make you a budget in detail and without commitment

Pistachio Clouds tabcrib packPistachio Clouds Crib Pack Sheet


and you already have it

If you want more information, contact us through our form or write to


One thought on “Packs de cuna a juego con tu moisés exclusivo

  1. Zaida says:

    Hello, I would like to know if you can design me a dress for a normal crib, with these beautiful prints that you have, in addition to the cushions. Thanks so much, I wait for your answer.

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