Georgina is one of millions. And our bassinets too.

Dear moms and moms-to-be, we know that pregnancy can be an exciting time, but it can also have its challenges. That is why today we want to share a very special story with you. The second season of the Netflix series "I'm Georgina" shows us the story of a strong and determined woman who fights for […]

Sheets for your bassinet with your order this week

Take some sheets for your bassinet. This week we are giving you a set of sheets when you order your bassinet, so we celebrate spring at Cucos Baby. We have 5 different models. Choose the one you want with your order and put it in comments or we will add the ones that we think best coordinate with the model you […]

How can you clean and maintain the bassinet?

For the basket Clean the bassinet with a damp cloth and mild soap. Be sure not to use harsh or abrasive chemicals. After cleaning, dry the bassinet with a soft cloth. To prevent bassinet damage, keep it out of direct sunlight and moisture. To ensure that the bassinet […]

The best childcare websites in Spain for your pregnancy questions

Where can I consult all the questions that arise to me during my pregnancy? We have compiled information about the most interesting websites where you can consult almost everything you want. It is only an indicative list, it is very important that you decide for yourself and judge everything they read and advise you. My baby and I: […]

What is the average price of a quality bassinet?

The average cost of a quality bassinet can vary depending on the make, model, and materials used in its manufacture. In general, quality bassinets can have a price that ranges between 150 and 300 euros, approximately. It is important to keep in mind that, although it may seem expensive, it is an investment […]

What are the important features to consider in a bassinet?

When choosing a bassinet for your baby, it's important to consider several factors to make sure it's safe, stable, and easy to use. Some of the important characteristics to consider are: Stability: The bassinet must be stable and resistant to avoid excessive tipping or rocking. Make sure it has a base […]

Moses versus co-sleeping crib. What to choose? Do you doubt at the time of purchase.

If you are considering the purchase of a bassinet or co-sleeping crib for your baby, it is normal for you to have some doubts and questions. Below, we present some of the most common questions so that you can make an informed decision: What is a mini co-sleeping crib? A mini co-sleeping crib is a crib that […]

How long does a bassinet last? What is the proper size?

How long does a bassinet last? The life of a bassinet depends on several factors, such as the quality of the materials used in its manufacture, the frequency and use that it is given, as well as the weight and activity of the baby. In general, bassinets are designed to be used from the birth of the baby […]

We help you dress your Cucos Baby bassinet

When your bassinet arrives at home, we know that you are looking forward to setting it up. Although it is freshly made, ironed and perfumed, you like to wash it, at least the pieces that are in contact with the baby (sheets - jackets - fitted sheets - muslins) since the moise cover and pockets as well as accessories are not necessary. That […]

How to assemble the folding scissor legs of Cucos Baby

If you have chosen a cuckoo, the folding scissor legs are very easy to assemble. We'll give you a cable with this video and don't forget the instructions that come in the box and an electric screwdriver. The scissor legs are easier to assemble by having fewer parts, the only complication is the […]

How to assemble the new rocking legs of Cucos baby

  We help you assemble the new rocker legs. We recommend: Be patient and follow the instructions that come in the box + watch this wonderful video Place the pieces on a blanket or rug (so as not to scratch the floor or hurt your knees) Have an electric screwdriver vs. screwdriver on hand Put [ …]

This week we are at WESTWING.ES with a campaign for the children's room

As every year since 2018, the German portal has chosen us along with other brands for their campaigns. This time we have exclusively offered you the models of the new collection with folding scissor support, easy and comfortable to transport and carry around the house. Take advantage of these discounts with them […]

New Collection 2021 by Cucos Baby

We couldn't wait to make new models To go back to printing fabrics And to make a few units to make another collection before the end of the year. MOVE!! Because scarce is more beautiful, it is more personal, it is more exclusive and we love designing new models and testing textures, colors, formats and everything […]

Mother's Day raffle

Well yes!!! Raffle. For future moms only. We are going to raffle a bassinet for this great day and we are also going to give you a mat from our other brand Mira Simon The bassinet is this: See bassinet on the cucosbaby website And Mira Simon's gift is a mat (universal or bugaboo) like […]

Advice on washing and caring for our bassinet.

One of the most frequently asked questions is this... so let's get rid of doubts. To properly care for the clothes and other parts of your bassinet we are going to give you some advice. TEXTILE In our designs we use 100% cotton, organic gauze, satin organic cotton, poplin and linen. They are all delicate fabrics that we fill with organic wadding […]

How to assemble your rocking legs – Be patient my friend

And look that they have given us war! Since QR Codes are now the order of the day and if you can't read them you can't drink anything anywhere on the planet, we leave you with the little sign that your rocking sooprtes will carry from today, an access to the Youtube video that [ …]

Organic or Standard mattress? New Baskets 100% Handmade and Ecofriendly

This is one of the most frequent questions we have and since we want you to be super well informed we are going to explain it to you. We have 2 mattress models for our largest bassinet. We will start by explaining how this basket is. MOSES by Cucos Baby It is the biggest carrycot we have. Size 86 x 44 […]

WELCOME SEPTEMBER: We return with more desire than ever


How have you spent the summer? For me it has been the strangest, funniest and most fleeting of my life. We are back in September and we haven't even heard, right? The workshop has been closed for about 15 days to rest the staff and we have returned with desire for the whole day 1. During those days […]

The mess of the masks


What a mess that we all have... doesn't it happen to you? Now you work, now you can't. That you use the left hand if you are right-handed, than the other. What if the elbows What if the masks are worthless, what if they are mandatory... I look at what they are doing in China that they are smarter [...]

Thanks for a Happy Confinement

Hello mamix, This blog should be more active, but due to lack of time it is not. But with everything that is happening, it is less than THANK YOU for letting us continue working for you. Cucos Baby is a bassinet factory and the management of all this takes time away from many details […]

Sleeping bags and sheets for bassinets


Every year we try to innovate and get accessories for the bassinet that are practical as well as beautiful. As we are a brand very focused on 1 single product, with the permission of the crib, we are interested in knowing what you need so that the baby sleeps happily in his cuckoo and what extra accessories [...]

Sacks for your stroller: the coolest at

We already wanted to offer you the new project that we are preparing in parallel and hand in hand with Cucos Baby. Today we have finally launched it to the world and although we have created 12 models at the moment we are gaining strength so that the bags that we all always wanted to have but that we never found are […]

Cucos Baby grows with you


Some time ago, you opted for our brand to be your baby's first bed, what a great responsibility! Thanks to this, we have been growing, like all the little ones that have passed through our cribs. For this reason, we want to thank you for your trust and loyalty, making you part of a birth. It's called "Look Simon!" ( and is […]

What do you have to take to the hospital? Post-Checklist so you don't miss anything

  The hospital bag is "a bit like the Mary Poppins bag 👜" It fits everything! But, do you already know everything you have to take to the hospital? It is that you are in the final stretch of the pregnancy... Think that at least 3 weeks before the expected date of delivery, you will have to […]

Why should you learn the Marie Kondo method before having your baby?

How to prepare for the arrival of the baby? You have to put the batteries. You see more and more clearly that maybe a bit of "Diogenes syndrome", you do have... And there is nothing left for your baby to be born. You cannot continue like this, you need to organize your house. Do you know the Marie Kondo ♥ method? Thank you […]

A little bird has told us that you are pregnant, and now what do you have to do with your pets?

When you have pets at home and you're pregnant, everyone thinks… Do you really have to be without your soul mate for a few months? For you, he is another member of the family, and just thinking about not having him by your side at home during this crucial stage in which you have feelings […]